About Us

Your Trusted Salon Since 2017

Strut Salon & Skin is one of the industry-leading salons in Pensacola. We guarantee quality in all of our products and services, and are driven by our long withstanding commitment to our customer's needs. Strut is unique in that our salon company believes in growing our service providers from entry level to a lifetime career. Consequently you will find that our all of our providers are at different levels. This level system directly reflects expertise and demand of time. As your provider's demand grows, we promote them to a new level, and give them many opportunities to launch into great endeavors; including becoming educators and even share holders in our salon company. This is such an incredible benefit to our clients, because we keep professionalism and growth as our main priorities. This results in the best outcomes for everyone, as well as creating a positive and inviting experience. 

We utilize the following brands for best results:


-Pulp Riot


-Brazilian Blowout

-HairTalk Extensions

-Paris Lash Academy


Leaf Beauty